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  • Nature’s love for all
    There are lot of such problems prevailing into our world society Are we really solving any problem or just trying to hide it behind any excuses or substituting it with short term alternatives? No problem can be solved without finding and uprooting its root cause. Not to resolve fully any such problem that render lots of further issues questions our universal values like honesty, integrity, empathy etc. As we believe in idea “The whole world is one family” then why the same or common problem has  different solution? This clearly depicts the ill will or lack of willingness of allपढ़ना जारी रखें “Nature’s love for all”

Why do we speak for others who can speak for themselves?

What happen? Something seems like nothing but actually…..like everything or nothing remains when it happens.

Today lets feel this question????

Lets our views to speak….

So lets start our journey to nature’s fun world where we all are equal but…….

Why is this ‘but’ intruding into our life, our journey to nature means our natural life?????? Ummm… So such buts are your obstacles right. Silence seems to be the best solution for such obstacles only when nothing remains in our hands. No!No!No!..… In such situations we are like this and it becomes very difficult for us to accept it or to respond it.  Time fly in normal situation but when problems with unknown roots spearhead like anything then not just you or me but  the time the strongest bird become victim of the darkness of inhumanity. Then NATURE which is supreme  does justice to everyone and the subordinate time witness the power of nature which is both internal and external to humans, to everyone.    

Nature loves us all equally and punishes us upon our excesses accordingly. As every person is unique then that is limited to oneself is its nature and remaining is their behaviour.